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August Client of the Month

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Soyalchemy. The name conjures up a nostalgia of bygone days and as you cross the doorstep of shop 22 of the Quadrant Mall, this little nook of yesteryear is all you were dreaming of and more. From ornate candelabras to rustic wood shelving, Tara and David Brooks have created the ultimate setting for their eclectic range of handcrafted candle products.

Founded on the ethos of its passionate proprietors, this little establishment has built its candle range on two unshakeable principles: sustainability and affordability.

Sustainability: Many candles these days are manufactured with copious amounts of chemicals to achieve various aesthetic and scenting effects. From lead in the wicks to achieve greater brightness, to turpentine in the wax to reduce drippage, the fumes from many candles are not as sweet as they smell. In contrast, David and Tara are extremely conscientious about the ingredients for their Soyalchemy product range. WWF approved wax is exclusively used and candles have been designed with the ultimate wick to diameter ratio to naturally achieve the desired slow, clean burn.

Affordability: It is extremely important to David and Tara that their wares are priced affordably. ‘We know that not everyone can come into a shop and pay $20 for a candle,’ Tara said. ‘We have designed our ranges so that literally anyone can walk in and buy something at Soyalchemy. Stop by next time you are in the Quadrant Mall – you won’t be disappointed’.

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